Real flavors. Real ingredients.

Remember the first time you bit into a freshly-picked tomato or your first bite of corn-on-the cob from a local farm stand? That’s why Harvest Snaps taste so amazing – delicious farm direct veggies are always our first ingredient. And with no artificial colors or flavors, snacking better is a joy the whole family can share.

Pop ’em together!

Who knew eating your veggies could be so much fun? With two tasty flavors in every bag, snack time is twice as delicious- – and when you pop ‘em in your mouth together, you can triple the yum! Featuring honest-to-goodness farm-direct green peas and red-lentils as their very first ingredient, Popper Duos are the real veggie snack that’s poppin’ with flavor!

Savory flavors.

You’re not boring, so why should your snacks be? Try something totally new: the savory taste of shrimp complemented by an intriguing blend of authentic Japanese flavors. Whether it’s Wasabi, Original, or Hot Garlic, you just may find yourself enjoying a fascinating new favorite!

Tasty potato treats.

Made from freshly-harvested potatoes and offered in a variety of unique flavors, Jagabee is the mouthwateringly-good snack that’s perfect any time, any where! Their crispy, crunchy texture and pure potato taste have made Jagabee a cult favorite worldwide: one bite and you’ll see why!

Chips with a kick.

Everyone loves a light-and-airy, oh-so-delicious crispy crunchy potato chip, and Calbee brings a terrific twist to this classic favorite.
Ready to challenge the status quo?
We think you’ll rave about Honey Butter… have your mind and taste buds blown away by Hot & Spicy… revel in the awesome cheesiness of Pizza Potato Chips… and be deliciously surprised by Seaweed & Salt. Take a break from boring with Calbee’s fascinating potato chip taste adventure.

Simply delectable.

Crispy snow peas infused with Japanese Dashi seasonings create an entirely new snack-time experience. Technically, that savory, hard-to-describe goodness is called “umami”, but we think it translates best as just plain “yummy.” Come try a handful… and then another… and see if you don’t agree!

An Entirely New Crunch.

Great taste, delightfully crispy crunch – Our フルグラ, Fruit Granola is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Featuring a unique blend of five oven-baked grains, a variety of delicious fruit accents, and a small sprinkling of seeds, フルグラ, Fruit Granola will surprise you with just how amazing a lightly-crunchy granola can be. Give our フルグラ, Fruit Granola a try!